Well, Yom Kippur is over, my belly is full and we are with family and friends.

But given the furor of the past two days, I wanted to put up this blog about Rudy Giuliani:


I write this in sorrow, because – until the last year or so – I have considered Rudy Giuliani a brilliant man with an unshakable sense of fairness and a razor-sharp mind.

I’m certainly no medical professional.  But is clear to me that Mr. Giuliani is no longer possesses the same mental acuity he once had.

I have been saying this for some time, and am pretty sure I’ve blogged about it once.  But I did not do so when President Trump brought him on….maybe hoping that I was wrong in my assessment.

But it doesn’t appear to be that way.

In my opinion – for whatever it’s worth -= Mr. Trump should thank Rudy Giuliani for his service and, as gently as possible, remove him from his team before he does any more damage.

Would you say the blog you just read is timely?  Apropos?  On target?

Well, please be advised that I wrote it.   And not in the past few days, either.

No, this was originally put up on May 5th, 2018. A year and a half ago.

Did I have a point, or what?

I  rest my case.


  • !!!! #Sendrudyhome
    He is a wrecking machine with false weak inaccurate information.
    Time to leave Rudy get some rest ,take your meds and take a permanent nap.

  • Looks like recent regognition on net has introduced some attention from the “dark side” to your great blog. I will be watching & looking to what that attempts to deride your great analysis. Will be with you as I’ve been for a long time now!

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