MY ONE AND ONLY BLOG (I HOPE) ON Omarosa Manigault Newman

omarosa manigault newman was, briefly, the White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison – just one in a series of poorly thought-out, poorly made appointments by President Trump at the beginning of his campaign, then afministration (he seems to be listening more to the people around him on appointments these days – at least we can hope so).

In any case, newman – whose qualifications for this office seem to have been her singularly unsuccessful time working in minor roles for the Clinton administration and her history on reality-show TV (including Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show) – has now “written” (if you believe she actually wrote it) a book which, among other things, accuses President Trump of using the word “nigger” – and claims there is a tape to prove it.

The problem?  Depending on which day you ask her, she either heard or did not hear him say it and either heard or did not hear the tape…which, like the “evidence” stormy daniels lawyer michael avenotti talks about, somehow never seems to become available.

Further, her claim that pollster Frank Luntz also heard it has been flatly, emphatically denied by Luntz.

If you read this blog by’s Chuck Ross, you will find that newman doesn’t like the fact that her veracity is being challenged (which is roughly equivalent to Wile E. Coyote  not liking being challenged on his ability to catch Beep-Beep the Roadrunner).

I’m not putting up any excerpts, because I consider omarosa manigault newman to have zero credibility and therefore a complete waste of time.  But, if you feel otherwise, you’ve got the link.

With a little bit of luck, a) her book, after generating some initially quick sales from hopeful Trump-haters, will then recede into the cesspool of history and b) I won’t have a reason to blog about her any more.

UPDATE (August 13):

Now that newman is releasing (what I would assume to be) illegal tapes of conversations she had with President Trump and Chief of Staff Kelly – neither of which, it should be noted, amount to anything or incriminate anyone or evidence any charge she has made – I thought you might want to see President Trump’s reaction.

Here it is, in three tweets:

Make of this what you will.

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