Elizabeth Warren sounds like the angry scold from a 1940’s Disney cartoon.  Her entire platform is that corporations – especially pharmaceutical and insurance companies – and wealthy people, are the enemy; that they should fund trillions of dollars to give free stuff to everyone else, including illegals…even though, by any realistic measure, there is no way they could provide anywhere near what the freebies would cost.

Bernie Sanders, with his enraged demeanor, raised voice and bug-eyed looks, reminds me of  how, as a child, I envisioned Rumpelstiltskin reacting when he found out the queen knew his name. (NOTE:  At the end of the story Rumpelstiltskin tears himself in two.  Sanders didn’t to that but, a couple of times, he seemed to come close).

Given that the audience was clearly stacked with people from the far left outer reaches, it is no surprise that Warren and Sanders got the most favorable reactions.  I wonder how the rest of the country felt about wild cheering for open borders and multi-trillion dollar giveaways.

Peter Buttigieg was more salable to the general public than either Warren or Sanders.  But the combination of his non-starter status with Black voters and the fact that being gay is a guarantee of losing a great many votes makes him little more than an asterisk.

Robert Frances “Beto” O’Rourke already was an asterisk.  He remains one.

Amy Klobuchar gave a good performance, and seemed to be a crowd-pleaser (though Warren and Sanders were a lot more so).  I doubt that it matters; she’s going nowhere but back to Minnesota.

Steve Bullock, Tim Ryan, John Delaney and John Hickenlooper, the four moderates (certainly by comparison to Warren and Sanders) collectively made the most sense.  But with this audience – and the hard-leftists who disproportionately vote in Democrat primaries – they might as well have presented their case on Mars…

…which may be where Marianne Williamson came from in the first place.

OK, next round is tonight.

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