Greg Fischer is the Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky.

He is a Democrat.

When the grand jury issued its indictment on the Breonna Taylor shooting/death, and it wasn’t that the three police officers would be charged with murder, Mayor Fischer correctly assessed that the anarchists, “Black Lives Matter” radicals/extortionists and street thugs would be out in force last night.

So he called out the police, the national guard, imposed a curfew and made it clear that he wanted law and order to prevail.

There were 127 arrests – including the “man” suspected of shooting two police officers (both of whom, happy to say, will recover) – and, generally, aggressive police enforcement.

Was there some damage and vandalizing?  Yes there was.  But, clearly a small fraction of what there would have been if Mayor Fischer had followed the pathetic lead of Mayors like Jacob Frey in Minneapolis, jenny durkan in Seattle and ted wheeler in Portland.

This bunch, seizing on the opportunity created by Ms. Taylor’s tragic death (and do not doubt that an opportunity is all Ms. Taylor is to them) will be out again tonight.  And, if Mayor Fischer stays on-point, they will be met with the same serious law enforcement resistance.

There is a lesson here for mayors in cities across the country; one that a good many will not learn.

Too bad for the citizens in those cities.

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  • Hopefully we are at the end of these riots, and law enforcement cracks down across the country, with the Guard if needed.

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