The revival of Murphy Brown has been a major flop.  It’s ratings, certainly compared to what CBS had hoped, range from minuscule to infinitesimal (unless you consider 0.9% in the 18-49 demo acceptable, that is).

But not to worry:  it is pursuing its hardline anti-Trump agenda right (or should I say left) to the end.

From Warner Todd Huston’s article at

The CBS reboot of Murphy Brown featured a storyline where one of the show’s reporters is beaten and put in the hospital after attending a Donald Trump rally.

In the episode, character Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto) is sent to a Trump rally to report live on the event. During the event the faux Trump singles out “fibbing Frank Fontana” and the crowd boos him, Entertainment Weekly reports.

After the live shot, Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) and her crew find out that Frank was attacked and seriously injured at the rally by Trump fans.

Fontana claims he waded into the crowd to interview Trump fans, but, “Next thing I know I was surrounded by a sea of red hats.”

Uh…maybe the writers of Murphy Brown can take time out from looking for new jobs to detail to us how many reporters have ever been attacked by pro-Trump people.  I promise it won’t be much of a burden, since there aren’t any.

Of course, if they want to do something that will occupy a lot of their time, they can write about how many people wearing Trump gear – especially those red MAGA hats – have been physically attacked, many of them right on the street in front of everyone (google “people attacked for wearing MAGA hats” and see how many pages of material you come up with).

I wonder if these keepers of the Democrat/left flame ever consider how many of the attacks on Trump supporters were spurred on by people like them; people who put out the kind of hate-inducing material this failed resurrection of Murphy Brown was neck-deep in.  I doubt they have spent even one second considering, or caring, about it even one bit.

So goodbye Murphy Brown.  And good riddance.

Other than the sorosian, silicon valley and antifa crowd, I doubt many people will notice.

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  • (google “people attacked for wearing MAGA hats” and see how many pages of material you come up with).

    In time the results for that search will be 0
    but you will see many pages of whatever bs the left is pushing.

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