Mueller’s strawberries

Remember that classic scene in The Caine Mutiny, when Captain Queeg, having been exposed as an incompetent ship’s captain, triumphantly talks about his one victory – proving that a few strawberries had been stolen from the mess Hall?

Well, now we have the latter-day version of Queeg:  robert mueller.

Over a year Into his “investigation” he has nothing.  No collusion (what ever that means) and no obstruction of justice.  Just a bunch of indictments that occurred before the 2016 campaign, thus have nothing to do with it.

So,  bereft of anything meaningful, he has decided to glom on to Paul Manafort for actions allegedly taken years before this campaign occurred…and has added on two which supposedly occurred after the campaign as well.

Dan Mangan and Kevin Brueninger’s article for

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday filed new witness tampering criminal charges against ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort as well against Russian citizen and former Manafort operative Konstantin Kilimnik.

The superseding indictment — the third against Manafort issued by a Washington, D.C., federal grand jury — came days after Mueller asked a judge to revoke Manafort’s $10 million bail and jail him because of alleged efforts to tamper with potential witnesses at his upcoming trials.

Manafort, 69, and the 48-year-old Moscow resident Kilimnik were both charged with obstructing justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice by using intimidation or force against a witness, and also with tampering with a witness, victim or informant.

The charges echo allegations Mueller made Monday in his request to revoke Manafort’s bail.

What is this, besides utter BS?  After all this time, is haranguing Paul Manafort the best mueller can come up with?

What do you think mainstream media would say if this were an investigation of a Democrat president? How long ago you think they would have been howling for it to end?

What a pathetic joke.

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