How ironic that, on the same day Roseanne Barr’s career summarily ended (at least for the time being) over a racist tweet, MSNBC ran a “town hall” titled “Everyday Racism In America”, with a panel featuring:

-Joy Ann Reid, who – when she is not lying about her rich history of homophobic tweets, uses race as the catch-all/end-all of just about every issue.

-Al Sharpton, with decades of anti-White, anti-Semitic comments.

-Tim Wise, a self-proclaimed “anti-racist activist”, whose anti-racism just about always translates into generalizations about White people.  His latest book is titled “White Lies Matter”.

There were others as well. But I’d say these three are more than enough to make my point about a) the superseding hypocrisy of MSNBC and b) the double standard MSNBC and so many other media venues incorporate into their actions.

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