Does the title of this blog seem a bit ridiculous to you?  Maybe a lot ridiculous?

Well, believe it or not, Nicole Belle, a regular contributor at the hard-left website, believes it is.  Along with CNN.

This, so help me, is pulled straight from her latest commentary:

Just when you think there’s a chance that we’d have a media outlet that isn’t constantly pivoting to the right, MSNBC makes a programming decision that annihilates any hope we may have had. Just when you think things are getting better for progressives on the teevee, Phil Griffin reminds us that they serve the same masters as they do at Fox and CNN. They serve big corporations, which means they LEAN RIGHT!

Just to take the wind out of our sails after the positive news, specifically MSNBC reporting impressive ratings for Rachel Maddow, beating out GOP-TV for the first time. They even came up with a new slogan “This is who we are.”

Who are you really, MSNBC? You are not honest professionals in pursuit of facts. That’s for sure. You just hired another grifting right wing liar. Hugh Hewitt, a man steadfastly devoted to knocking down the Clintons in favor of a sociopath/lying narcissist, did he really impress MSNBC’s brass enough to give him a show? Yep. He sure did.

Allow me to translate.

MSNBC, which, until now, has been, I believe 100% leftward in its shows and show hosts, signed on one conservative.  Therefore, it has exposed it’s true right wing agenda, which it has all along, as proven by featuring folks like Rachel Maddow, Chris Hays, Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid, etc. etc. etc. (I won’t mention Chris Matthews, because the crooksandliars crowd thinks of him as a conservative.  Really.)

For the record, I’m no fan of Hugh Hewitt.  But can anyone seriously believe his inclusion on an otherwise all-left network “prove” it not only is now right wing, but has been all along?

Looney Tunes lives.

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