The following video com-pile-ation* of MSNBC clips was put together by David Rutz of  It was put online yesterday.

Please note that, as eager as I was to show you the com-pile-ation yesterday, I intentionally waited until now to put it up, so Mr. Rutz and got maximum benefit from the well-deserved burst of traffic which I suspect it generated.

Here it is.  Have a ball:

Enjoy the show?  If you did, please keep in mind that this was only a partial sampling of the rich mother lode provided by MSNBC during 2018.

Count on another mother lode next year as well.


*This is not a typo.  I created the word com-pile-ation to describe a compilation that also is a pile of something you commonly find in outhouses and cow meadows.

I hope it shows David Rutz the proper R E S P I C…..oh, wait.

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