The title of this blog is the one question that, yesterday, was asked of, and answered by, Joe Biden (who, for the record, is not the president-elect until the electoral college says he is).

Biden, who was on the street at the time, answered that his foot feels OK, complete with a thumbs-up, and left.  No other questions were answered.

Does anyone remember the last time the presumed next President of the United States was asked a serious question about anything?  If you do, please let me in on it because, since the debate (which, according to most polls, he lost decisively) I don’t remember even one instance.

And, since we’re on the subject, when was the last time Kamala Harris, the presumed next Vice President (or more) was asked anything at all?  Even as meaningless and inconsequential as what ice cream flavor she likes (another hard-hitting Biden query from late in the campaign)?

How dumbed-down do we have to be to accept this “we love you Joe (mostly because you’re not Donald), so we won’t make you uncomfortable by asking you about anything serious” BS?

That’s something worth thinking about.

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  • News Flash! This just in.

    Joey Biden was not Playing with his pets when his foot was damaged.

    Joey was practicing putting his foot in his mouth …… Debate preparation.

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