Want the latest on those mythical Portland, Oregon riots Jerrold Nadler laughs off – the ones Mayor ted wheeler thinks are, effectively, Donald Trump rallies?

Here it is, via Cassandra Fairbanks’ article at

Rioters have broken into the Portland Police Association’s building for the third time, and lit it on fire for the second time, since their riots began nearly three months ago.

Saturday night’s “protest” was declared a riot by the Portland Police Department.

Use the link I’ve provided to see the video.

Then tell me why this has not been stopped in its tracks.  Why necessary force has not be used to disband these anarchist arsonists, looters and attempted murderers?

When will the idiot mayor wheeler DO something about this?  When they finally succeed and there’s a mass death count?

And when do major Democrats – very much including presumptive Presidential candidate Joe Biden say a damn thing condemning what is going in on Portland.  And Seattle.  And other cities around the country?

And when do our mainstream media attack them for looking the other way?  Or is it that they’re just as willing to let this go on unchallenged as the Bidens, Pelosis, Schumers, Durbins and Hoyers of their favored party?


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