Were you disturbed by the previous blog.

Then you probably will be disturbed by this one as well, which comes to us via Michael Leahy’s comprehensive, upsetting investigative piece at

This time, it is about the leaked information – the apparently false leaked information – that was used by two Obama-appointed leftward judges to, at least temporarily, put a hold on President Trump’s temporary suspension of visas to/from terrorist-infested countries.

Here is a taste for you:

Both federal judges who issued separate decisions on March 15 revoking President Trump’s travel ban cited adraft Department Homeland Security document leaked to the Associated Press by an unknown person and included in a story published on February 24 as evidence central to their rulings.

The significance of the unofficial leaked draft DHS document upon which these two federal judges relied in making their controversial travel ban decisions is the false information it conveys about the level of risk posed to national security by refugees who commit terrorist acts.

That enough to whet your appetite for more?  I hope so.

Please use the link I’ve provided and read Mr. Leahy’s entire piece. It is harrowing, sickening, but 100 necessary.

Then remember that this comes to us from – which, again, does the work mainstream media are supposed to but don’t.

Why do you suppose their lapses always seem to benefit Democrats?

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