Peter Schweizer is a major best-selling author…and a major thorn in the side of mainstream media.

Why?  Because he does the investigative reporting about Democrats that most mainstream media will not do, and writes about it, which puts – or, at any rate, should put – them to shame.

His latest best-seller, Profiles In Corruption, has several huge findings that, if other “journalists” were doing their jobs, would have been common knowledge right now.

Hannah Bleau, at, has summarized four of them (one of which I don’t think is a big deal, as I’ll point out further on).

I will put up just the headings, in the hope that you will use the above link to read the rest…and then get the Schweizer book to read about them in full detail:

1. James Biden’s firm received $1.5 billion in government contracts, despite having no experience, during the Obama administration

2. Frank Biden is linked to projects receiving millions in taxpayer loans from the Obama Administration, despite having no experience.

3. Hunter Biden’s firms scored business deals with people and entities tied to the governments of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan, and those deals “reportedly scored him hundreds of millions of dollars.”

4. Elizabeth Warren’s son-in-law, with whom she is close, produced a film backed by the Iranian government.

Does that grab your attention?  Would you say that the untold millions being raked in by Joe Biden’s two brothers and his son while Biden was in a position to influence U.S. government policy would be of at least nominal interest?

So where was the investigative reporting before Schweizer’s book?  Other media had access to the same information, didn’t they?

And where is the major-story coverage now that the Schweizer book is out?  Nowhere, that’s where.  Just like these same media would treat it if we were talking about a major Republican presidential candidate, right?  Yeah, sure.

The Elizabeth Warren “bombshell” is not very meaningful to me.  I don’t see any tie to what influence she could exert as a Senator and the success or failure of this film.  But, it’s there to read about and you can decide for yourself.

But the Biden material?  The untold millions every family member seems to have made off of Joe Biden’s power and influence?  That’s another story entirely…

…a story mainstream media, for the most part, are diligently hiding from you.

My thanks to Peter Schweizer for doing the investigative work these partisan “journalists” would not.

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