It really is unconscionable.  They don’t even make a pretense of neutrality anymore.

From Benjamin Siegel’s article at ABC News:

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar received a warm welcome back home in Minneapolis Thursday, with supporters cheering her on at the airport and at a health care town hall event after a week of racist attacks from President Donald Trump, who told four Democratic congresswomen of color to “go back ” to where they came from, and from supporters at a Trump campaign rally, who chanted “send her back” on Wednesday night.

“A week of racist attacks”? Not “what some consider racist attacks”? Not “alleged” racist attacks? “Racist attacks”, as though this was a settled, indisputable fact?

And, as always, no specific examples of the “racist attacks” are detailed.  Because the reason, as always, is that there aren’t any.

I sometimes wonder whether these people actually think they have a scintilla of neutrality or journalistic integrity in them. If Benjamin Siegel, and his editors think so, they are sadly mistaken.

But watch them bristle with indignation if you call them out on it.

None so blind as those who will not see…

…or, maybe, none so lacking in integrity as those who know they’re doing it but don’t give a damn anyway.


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  • To bad Ben Siegel does not have what Ben Franklin had. That would be integrity and respect for our nation and her government. And it took 229 years to filter such character out of culture and history. Definitely not a fair comparison between two Benjamins but what a contrast in attitudes and honesty!

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