Is this true?

I don’t know.   But it seems to coincide, at least directionally, with other articles I’ve blogged about over the past week or two.

And if it is…..well, read it and you can finish this sentence for yourself:

Excerpted from John Solomon and Sara Carter’s article at

As his presidency drew to a close, Barack Obama’s top aides routinely reviewed intelligence reports gleaned from the National Security Agency’s incidental intercepts of Americans abroad, taking advantage of rules their boss relaxed starting in 2011 to help the government better fight terrorism, espionage by foreign enemies and hacking threats, Circa has learned.

Dozens of times in 2016, those intelligence reports identified Americans who were directly intercepted talking to foreign sources or were the subject of conversations between two or more monitored foreign figures. Sometimes the Americans’ names were officially unmasked; other times they were so specifically described in the reports that their identities were readily discernible. Among those cleared to request and consume unmasked NSA-based intelligence reports about U.S. citizens were Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice, his CIA Director John Brennan and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Some intercepted communications from November to January involved Trump transition figures or foreign figures’ perceptions of the incoming president and his administration. Intercepts involving congressional figures also have been unmasked occasionally for some time. 

The NSA is expected to turn over logs as early as this week to congressional committees detailing who consumed reports with unmasked Americans’ identities from their intercepts since the summer of 2016.

Donald Trump said his offices were tapped.

Whether they were tapped intentionally, or unintentionally (i.e. other people at Trump Tower were tapped and “incidental” tapping of Trump’s office took place) is irrelevant.  Either way, it means his offices were tapped.

Point of order:  given the Obama administration’s penchant for Chicagoland politics, I have a great deal of difficulty assuming this would have been unintentional.

And if information, whether intentionally or unintentionally, was collected about Trump and his people, then used against them, that is absolutely, unequivocally illegal.

What is going on here?  And when to our so-called mainstream “journalists” put up at least a nominal pretense of honesty and start talking about it?

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