…it is more evidence of Russia-related dirty tricks by Democrats – the same ones for whom there already is massive evidence of collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Therefore, it is more evidence to be determinedly ignored by mainstream media.

Excerpted from Chuck Ross’s article at

A nonprofit group linked to Fusion GPS and partially funded by George Soros worked in recent months with a technology company implicated in a scheme to use fake Russian bots during Alabama’s special Senate election.

The groups, the Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP) and New Knowledge, partnered before the 2018 midterms to track alleged Russian disinformation networks, a website the organizations collaboratively run shows.

Both organizations have links to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), which is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, as well as possible Trump campaign collusion.

Does that get your attention?  I hope so.  And I hope you use the link to read Chuck Ross’s entire article, because there’s a lot more as well.

It has been argued that mainstream media’s suppression/burial of collusion between the Clinton presidential campaign and foreign nationals, with almost all the “information” gained in that collusion from Russian sources, is the single biggest political scandal in United States history.

I disagree that the Clinton collusion scandal is number one.  Personally, I’d go with the way Rutherford B. Hayes “defeated” Samuel Tilden in 1876, because it changed the election outcome.  But, after that, I don’t know of any other scandal that compares.

And, with Hayes/Tilden, at least there was an effort to make it look legitimate.  With Clinton, there is no such effort.  It’s right in our faces.  And the completely uncorroborated “Steele dossier” she bought and paid for with money laundered through her law firm, Perkins Coie, is still operative two years after the election, in that it was instrumental in the FISA court’s creation of an independent counsel investigation of President Trump.

Until now, IC investigations only came as the result of uncovered evidence that criminal activity had occurred.  But mueller’s farcical witch hunt – all two years and at least $30 million of it – is, instead, an effort to find evidence…which, so far, has yielded nothing relating to the election itself…

…though barely a week goes by without the same mainstream media which have given Hillary Clinton a free pass assuring us that the damning evidence which will take Trump down is just around the corner.

It doesn’t get dirtier.  But, because we’re talking Demcorats rather than Republicans, it also doesn’t get reported/investigated by mainstream media.

I wonder when they realize how irretrievably they have destroyed their credibility.  I wonder if they even care.


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    Russian Collusion in the 2016 election is a proven fact.
    o o o The Russians gave Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton $145 MILLION in return for 20% of the US Uranium resources.

    o o o In addition, her loving hubby (BJ Clinton) got $500,000 for a boring 20 minute speech given in Russia.

    • I think of that as pre-election collusion. But is it a major, Russian related scandal that is on Hillary Clinton’s head, which would have significantly affected her performance as president if she had one? – and has also been dutifully buried/suppressed by our supposedly neutral media?? Absolutely yes.

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