I have always respected  Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), as a man and as a politician.  Over the years, I have written numbers of blogs talking about his personal qualities and the fact (which still obtains) that he has been successful and honorable as both a businessperson and a politician.

But now, however, I’m wondering what happened to the Mitt Romney I wrote about.

Has Senator Romney’s (fully justified) animus toward Donald Trump, who viciously attacked him during the 2016 presidential season, so overtaken his otherwise good instincts that now, in addition to regularly lambasting Trump, he feels it necessary to take on another identity and maybe do more of the same?

Excerpted from Devan Cole’s article at

Sen. Mitt Romney says he has been secretly using a Twitter account apparently intended to monitor political discussions on social media and to defend himself.

Asked about an account attributed to user “Pierre Delecto” by The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins on Sunday night, the Utah Republican and 2012 GOP presidential nominee replied, “‘C’est moi,'” or “it’s me.” Romney explained in an Atlantic profile that he maintains a secret Twitter account, and a Slate investigation linked the Pierre Delecto account to him.


That strange enough for you?

And before you assume the Pierre Delecto name was created specifically to go against Trump, please be advised that, according to the article, Mr. Romney started using it in 2011 – long before the presidency was even a glint in Trump’s eyes.

So why did he start out with this alter ego?

I assume it was not for the same reason Anthony Weiner invented an alter ego, “Carlos Danger”.  But who knows for sure?

And why has he turned his alter ego into what he now uses it for?

If this article is accurate, “Pierre Delecto” became a vehicle for putting out Romney’s position on things – I assume this includes attacking President Trump — and promoting himself.

What possibly possessed Mitt Romney to do this?  To me, it is both childish and intentionally deceptive, neither of which I have ever thought of him as being.

I’d love a detailed explanation from the man himself…

…because, as things stand, it certainly doesn’t help his image going forward, does it?


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