The mueller “investigation”, we are told by numerous media, is now winding down.  Soon there will be a final report.

As you may recall, the purpose of this “investigation” was to uncover collusion between Donald Trump, his presidential campaign and the Russians.  Supposedly, they were in cahoots to “steal” the election from Hillary Clinton.

It is now almost two years later.  Has anyone heard a word about Russian collusion?  Has anyone seen a story with evidence suggesting it ever occurred?  Has Robert Mueller indicted or charged anyone with anything that relates in anyway to Russian collusion?

Can anyone tell me where that issue – the one which prompted the mueller “investigation” – disappeared to?

If so, please do let me know.  Thank you.


  • Has anyone heard a word about Russian collusion?

    Yeah, I heard plenty. Surprised you have to ask.
    And there is solid plroof for it all :

    – — $150 million ‘contribution’ to Hillary’s campaign by Russia
    – — $500,000 ‘speaker fee’ given to Slick Willy by Russia for a 20 minute boring speech.
    – — Sale of 20% of the US uranium production to a Russian front with Hillary’s Sec of State approval.

    Sure sounds like collusion with the Russians

    • I, of course, agree. Too bad that, with Democrats now in charge of the house, it will get buried, along with every other burial of every other underhanded Hillary Clinton activity throughout her career. And too bad, also, that Republicans didn’t get serious about this investigation while they had the gavels.

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