The first two paragraphs of Chris White’s article at dailycaller.com should explain the title of this blog pretty clearly:

Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day on private security for three city council members who support defunding the police after allegedly receiving threats, a local report published Friday showed.

Private security details cost Minneapolis taxpayers roughly $63,000 over the past three weeks, a spokesman for the city said, according to a Fox 9 report. Council members Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham and Alondra Cano are outspoken supporters of efforts to defund the Minneapolis Police Department, the report stated.

Let me get this straight:  Minneapolis council members who want to defund – i.e. do away with – the city’s police force feel threatened.  So the taxpayers of Minneapolis are forking over $4,500 a day to protect them.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

Now, a question for these three council members:  what about the citizens of Minneapolis who rely on police to protect them; who don’t have a spare $4,500 a day to spend on their safety if there are no police around?  What do you and the rest of the council who also voted to defund the police department, have to say to them – other than “Tough luck.  I’m safe so who gives a damn about you?”

Don’t expect an answer any time soon.

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