The Democrat party has just picked Milwaukee for its 2020 convention.

And here is what we know about Milwaukee, from an article at ABC -Wisconsin:

Segregation in the United States’ largest metropolitan areas has declined only modestly since the beginning of the century, with Milwaukee topping the list of cities with the highest black-white segregation, a recent study by the Brookings Institution shows.

The majority of areas identified as being highly segregated are in the northern parts of the country, with Milwaukee, New York City and Chicago leading the list.

Tell me: What will mainstream media have to say about the Democrat party picking Milwaukee – AKA segregation central – for its 2020 convention?

And what have they ever said about the fact that New York City and Chicago – just as solidly Democrat as Milwaukee – are number two and number three in the segregation sweepstakes?

The answer?  If recent history is any indicator, nothing.

And they still wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them to provide neutral political coverage?


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