Mika Brzezinski is second to no one in her loyalty to the Democrat Party.  But even she can no longer tolerate the nonstop angry, nasty, whining mung that comes from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Ms. Warren, a darling of media’s left wing (this may be a redundancy), has gotten a free pass on her obnoxious mouth for years.  But it has become so predictable, tiresome and, quite probably, counterproductive, that Ms. Brzezinski can’t take it anymore.

Click on this video of Warren, then Ms. Brzezinski’s commentary, and see/hear for yourself:

The key part:

There’s an anger there that was shrill and, um, a step above what it needed to be,unmeasured, and almost unhinged. It’s not going to work. At some point we have to look at what happened and look at the people we lost along the way.

And why I’m so critical of that sound bite, and every other rant I’ve heard, is it’s not showing listening, it’s not showing learning, there was something to be learned, and by the way, the beginning of a new presidency, isn’t the first thing, isn’t the first thing that should happen out of the box is we look forward to working with Republicans, we support the new President-elect, and we hope to move forward together and find things we can agree on.

Isn’t that the example that Democrats have accused Republicans of not holding up to for eight years? Of being absolutely vitriolic against Republicans for being so difficult, for trying to bring Obama down from day one.

Boy, this reminds me of eight years ago except now it’s Democrats doing it, in a very heated, unmeasured way.

If it takes a real friend to tell you what you are doing wrong – and it does – then Mika Brzezinski is being a real friend to Elizabeth Warren.

For her sake, and for the sake of her party, I hope Ms. Brzezinski has made a dent.  But I have little confidence that she did.

One other thing, in the form of a note to Elizabeth Warren:  If you keep fooling yourself into thinking that a “majority” obtained by winning by huge margins in four or five states while losing in most of the others, is a majority in any but the most technical sense, you are dooming your party to the dung-heap until you wise up.

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