It is not at all hard to find Democrats who hate Israel and hate Jews. One look at research conducted over the last 20 years by will show you that the Democrat Party has become more and more of both (click here to read one article of many on this subject.)

But Michigan and Minnesota seem to be moving beyond the general disposition of Democrats to feel this way, and taking on a leadership position.

In Minnesota, the newly  elected Attorney General is keith ellison, who spent years and years extolling the virtues of Black supremacist/anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan. And Minnesota is also the home of newly elected congressperson ilhan omar, who makes no secret of her Israel hatred.

But before you become too “impressed”, keep in mind that Michigan is close behind Minnesota, and gaining ground.

While Minnesota was sending ihlan omar to the House of Representatives, Michigan was electing rashida tlaib – every bit as much an Israel/Jew hater as omar is.

And now we have Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer, who, when asked whether she supports the boycott/divest/sanction (BDS) movement against Israel, always seems to find a way of changing the subject … which makes perfect sense if you know that her running mate, Garlin Gilchrist, with his prolific history of tweets supporting Hamas and railing against United States “kissing Israel’s ass”.  You can read all about this by clicking here  for Adam Kredo’s article at the Washington examiner.

What is going on with the Democratic party? Why is it, more and more, a party that spurns Israel and Jews – even as most Jews in the United States continue, with increasing/often willful blindness, to reflexively give it their support?

Wake-up time is long past due. That alarm is ringing louder and louder. When do they start hearing it?


  • Michigan and Minnesota have the largest populations of muslims than any other states. That is the explanation for the increased Jew hatred.

    I have read that Orthodox Jews tend to vote Republican and that it is the JINO’s that vote Democrat, Do you think that is true, Ken???

    • I agree in part.

      Yes, Minnesota and Michigan have large Muslim populations – especially Michigan, despite Minnesota’s fast-growing Somali community. But (this may surprise you) my state of New Jersey, with about 3% of the population identifying as Muslim, is probably the largest of them all.

      Regarding Orthodox Jews – yes, as a group they are far more politically conservative and Republican-voting than more secular Jews. But, although you’re right about JINO’s, a distressing percentage of engaged Jews reflexively pull the “D” lever as well. This has led to some pretty animated discussions between me and friends/relatives who fit that category (though, I’m happy to say, no estrangement – at least not yet).

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