Do you know who Michael Horowitz is?

Most people, I am sure, do not.  But I would bet body parts most everyone will in the coming months.

Michael Horowitz, you see, is the Department of Justice (DOJ) Special Council.  And he has spent the last year accumulating evidence of impropriety during the 2016 presidential election. – not as a “deep state” Democrat looking to nail Donald Trump, but as a career investigator looking to find out the truth, wherever it leads…

….and, based on what we have found out during the year, that may well be very bad news for Democrats who still think they are going to nail Donald Trump.

From Josh Gerstein’s article for politico.com, published November 15:

The Justice Department’s review of alleged misconduct by then-FBI Director James Comey and others during the 2016 presidential election is almost finished, Justice’s top official watchdog told a House panel Wednesday.

“We are aiming to release the report in late winter/early spring — hopefully in that March/April time period,” Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said during a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing.

In the first public update on the work that has gone into the inquiry since he announced it in January, Horowitz said he’s gotten good cooperation from the Justice Department.

“In terms of process, we have gotten all the records we’ve asked for,” Horowitz said in response to a question from the House panel’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.). “We’ve interviewed dozens of people. … We’ve reviewed about 1.2 million records.”

The inquiry also addresses several other politically sensitive topics such as election-season leaks from the FBI and the Justice Department, as well as claims that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s judgment in the email probe and other matters may have been tainted by financial support his wife received in a Virginia state Senate race from Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-Va.), a longtime Clinton backer.

If this information lowers the boom on (among others) Comey and McCabe – who is currently trying to stay on until March, when his full pension kicks in – do you need me to tell you which party it damages?  I think not.

But it should also be noted that, if Mr. Horowitz is an honest broker, Democrats may not be the only ones in the crosshairs.

One other thing, concerning timing:  according to Mark Bradman (aka “Sundance) at theconservativetreehouse.com, Inspector General Horowitz is going to release this information earlier than originally promised – around January 15th, less than three weeks from today.

I don’t know if Bradman is correct in that timing estimate, I have not seen it elsewhere.  But I do know that whenever it comes out, it will be major news for days.

And, in case you think he’s the only one, I suggest you read this ominous article in today’s (avidly Trump-hating) USA Today.  Here are the first two paragraphs:

In early January, news that the Justice Department’s inspector general launched an investigation into the government’s disputed handling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry was quickly overtaken by the chaotic run-up to President Trump’s inauguration.

Nearly a year later, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s wide-ranging review of the FBI and Justice’s work in the politically-charged Clinton case now looms as a potential landmine for Russia special counsel Robert Mueller.

So fasten your seat belts.  This is going to be a bumpy ride for some people – quite possibly on both sides of the aisle, but almost certainly for the Democrat/anti-Trump side.

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