First michael cohen was despised by the left, because he was Donald Trump’s “go-to” guy, his “fixer”.

Then cohen was beloved by the left because he apparently changed sides and, in return for less jail time, turned on Trump.  In addition, he suddenly became a client of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s most avid, loyal defender, Lanny Davis (how’d that happen?)

But what is michael cohen now – now that Davis has made a fool of himself by walking back the two most significant charges cohen made about Trump?

Excerpted from Aaron Blake’s article for the (aggressively Trump-hating) Washington Post, via the Danbury News-Times:

In a new interview with The Washington Post’s Tom Hamburger and Rosalind S. Helderman, Davis is backing off two massive claims he made in recent weeks, including that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has told people he witnessed President Donald Trump being informed of Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer before it happened.

“I should have been more clear – including with you – that I could not independently confirm what happened,” Davis said, adding: “I regret my error.”

Davis also backed off his claim that Cohen has information suggesting that Trump knew in advance about Russian hacking of Democrats’ emails in 2016.

“I am not sure,” he said. “There’s a possibility that is the case. But I am not sure.”

So what on earth is going on here?

The most obvious answer would seem to be that Cohen may be the one contradicting himself.

But you also have to think that possible contradiction would be something Davis and Cohen (who is also a lawyer by trade) would have sorted out before Davis went public with these claims.

However this came about, though, it’s damaging to Cohen’s credibility. Davis is his lawyer and spokesman, after all, which means these claims effectively came from Cohen himself. Davis is now trying to take ownership of them and take the blame himself, but the explanations he offers are really difficult to swallow, especially given the gravity of the claims.

And that has bearing on both the Russia investigation and whatever problems Trump may encounter from the Southern District of New York’s plea deal with Michael Cohen on a campaign-finance violation (in which Cohen also implicated Trump). Cohen was supposed to be the guy flipping on Trump and telling investigators everything he knows about the skeletons in Trump’s closet. This episode has to make everyone involved wonder whether his claims are all they’re made out to be. Regardless of how you want all of this to shake out, it’s best to base a case around people who won’t undermine it. Cohen wasn’t a fantastic witness before; he’s a worse one now.

My take on what you just read:

-michael cohen is full of crap – a turncoat saying whatever he thinks he has to say to save his own skin;

-Lanny Davis knows what michael cohen is.  But being the Clinton-to-the-end loyalist he is, has allowed the crop to sit out there and permeate as many people’s minds as possible before admitting it was crap.  That makes Davis a skunk.

-michael cohen’s credibility as a witness against Donald Trump has therefore gone from low to zero and Lanny Davis’s credibility as a source of what michael cohen says is right there with him.

All credit to the Washington Post for printing this article.  It certainly did not give the paper’s ownership much happiness to do so.

But all shame to the mainstream media which are either ignoring or minimizing this information…thus showing, again, how low they have sunk.

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