Now that the dust has settled after a day of michael cohen being inflicted on us by the House Oversight Committee, what have we found out?

We have found out that michael cohen is still every bit as big a liar as he was before.  For just one example, his claim that he never wanted a White House job – which even the anti-Trump media didn’t have the stomach to leave unchallenged.  CNN, Mediaite, and numerous others caught him on it…and that was not the only lie either.

We have also found out that, given a chance to nail President Trump on a bunch of accusations, such as collusion, lying to congress, having advance knowledge of the wikileaks DNC email dump, etc., cohen could not produce a thing.  John Nolte, writing for breitbart.com, has a terrific piece enumerating all the the accusations against Trump that cohen’s testimony, if taken at face value, blows away.

So, other than some nasty personal attacks, which are of absolutely no value or meaning, what did the House Oversight Committee get from yesterday’s Cohen testimony?  Well, they got a picture of a check to stormy daniels – which everyone already knew about.  And they got a distraction from President Trump’s summit with kim jung un in Vietnam – which, as it turned out, could not take attention away from the deal that was struck because the deal did not happen.

Note to the Democrat hierarchy:  Is this all you’ve got?  God help you.

With enemies like michael cohen, who needs friends?

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