The previous blog talked about accusations against President Trump.

As you might remember, michael avenatti – the lawyer for Stormy Daniels – was one of last year’s main accusers.

In case you’re wondering how avenatti is making out these days, here’s an update, courtesy of Ben Feuerherd and Emily Saul’s article for the New York Post:

Disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti was transferred from a federal lockup in California to the notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan last week — and is now being held in Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s former cell, it was revealed Monday.

Avenatti’s attorney claimed in court papers filed Monday that he’s being held in solitary confinement in the “Special Housing Unit on the notorious 10-South of the MCC-New York.”

Avenatti is being held without bail on charges that he attempted to shakedown Nike for more that $20 million and that he extorted and embezzled money from his legal clients.

The disgraced lawyer formerly represented porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims she was paid $130,000 in 2016 by the Trump campaign in exchange for her not discussing an alleged affair she had with now-President Trump in 2006.

Well, things could be worse.  He can just call his law firm and have them spring hi….

….uh, wait.  No he can’t.  His law firm was evicted from its offices for non-payment of rent, and at least one of his former law partners is suing him, claiming he was cheated out of millions of dollars.

But maybe Stormy can help ou…

…uh, no again.  Stormy Daniels is suing him too.

Do you remember that michael avenatti was, for much of 2018, when he was attacking President Trump daily, the absolute darling of our mainstream media? There was even talk of him vying for the Democrat presidential nomination.

According to Joseph A. Wulfsohn’s article at foxnews.com, on TV alone he appeared 254 times (that is not a typo):

Roughly 70 percent of his television appearances took place between March and June of 2018 as his client’s legal battle with the president repeatedly made headlines. Later in the year, Avenatti floated a presidential run, releasing a memo of his various policy positions and making a trip to the battleground state of Iowa.

Avenatti appeared most frequently on CNN, which welcomed him an astonishing 121 times. MSNBC also had a high tally, having him on 108 times. He made 24 appearances on broadcast news; 12 on ABC, seven on CBS and five on NBC.

And now?  Now that michael avenatti is in jail, his career in shambles, with lawsuits hanging over him, where are CNN and MSNBC on the “he’s big news” scale….besides nowhere?

These are the same people who made him a superstar – as long as he was useful in attacking Trump.  Once that was over, he was over.

There is an easily discerned lesson in both Trump hatred and media bias here.  I hope you follow it completely…and keep it in mind as this farce of an impeachment process against President Trump continues.

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