Remember Melissa Click?

She was the Assistant Professor (other accounts give her different titles) at the University of Missouri during the campus uprising last year who, full of outrage and an imagined sense of both power and entitlement, demanded that a student who tried to photograph one of the protests leave.  At the time she called for “some muscle” – presumably meaning that the photographer should be physically restrained and/or removed.

As the result of her actions, Ms. Click was eventually fired from the University of Missouri.  And,legally speaking, she avoided an assault charge  – aside from calling for “muscle” she was physically trying to grab the student’s camera – by accepting a punishment of performing 20 hours of community service.

(I’ve often wondered how folks reaping the “benefit” of community service under these situations feel about it being a punishment.  I also wonder about the demeanor of the punished person toward them while performing it).

Anyway, Ms. Click was interviewed by Robin Wilson, who writes for something called The Chronicle of Higher Education.  In the course of the interview, Ms. Click provided her opinion regarding why she was canned:

“This is all about racial politics.  I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.”

Got that?  It had nothing to do with her actions.  It was because she was female (a requisite for left wing women on compus)  But that wasn’t the main event.

The main event (“this is all about racial politics”) is that she is White.  That’s why she was taken down.

Melissa Click was booted from her teaching position because of of her skin color?  If she were Black she’d have been treated better?

Well, so much for White privilege….

And that is not all Ms. Click said.  If you read the entire piece, you’ll find it has a number of other similarly fascinating gems (you’ll also find interviewer Robin Wilson very sympathetic to Melissa Click, but that’s another story).

Here are just a couple – in rust, with my reactions in blue:

“I’m not a superhero”  (We needed you to tell us that?)

“I do not understand the widespread impulse to shame those whose best intentions unfortunately result in imperfect actions” (You physically tried to stop a student from taking pictures, so no one could see what was going on at the protest – otherwise known as censorship.  This, to you, is nothing more than “imperfect”?  You feel you’re being unfairly shamed?  Time to grow up and join the real world. )

“Am I going to be one of those people who stands and watches another brutal moment against Black people, or am I going to step in and make sure they’re safe?  I found out that day.” (Wait a minute.  Didn’t you tell us you were the racially aggrieved party?)

Oh, did I mention that Ms. Click has indicated she intends to sue the University of Missouri, claiming she was not accorded due process?

And the sad reality is that, in this crazy world, if she gets the right judge she might even win.

I wouldn’t bet against it, would you?

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  • “Am I going to be one of those people who stands and watches another brutal moment against Black people, or am I going to step in and make sure they’re safe? I found out that day.”

    Taking pictures is now considered brutal racism???

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