The following blog is about Media’s Sexual Glass House :  the one they throw so many stones from.

Although this is the first time I am using that title, the “(CONT.) is legitimate, since I have written about so many media sexual predators in the past.

From Maxwell Tani and Lachlan Cartwright’s article at

NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack has been under fire for his handling of sexual-misconduct allegations at the network, including one against his ex-friend and former star anchor, Matt Lauer. But years earlier at another company, Lack protected a male employee who sexually harassed multiple women, sources tell The Daily Beast.

Lack was chairman and CEO of Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2004, when, according to former high-level Sony executives, the company discovered that a music executive named Charlie Walk had sent “sexual” messages via company email to female employees, including “graphic” pornography.

Soon after finding the messages, executives said, they repeatedly implored Lack to address Walk’s sexual harassment. Each time, Lack declined to act.

“I kept telling him: ‘You must do something about this. It’s imperative,’” one of the executives said. “Andy would turn a blind eye to making difficult decisions.”

An NBC spokesperson denied the allegation, and a spokesperson for Sony Music responded: “No comment.”

Please note that, unlike the christine blasey ford accusations, there are specific charges with a specific time period at specific places, and a specific (though unnamed) source backing them up.

But all that NBC thinks is necessary is a denial and a “no comment”.  Poof, it’s supposed to go away.

Compare that with the no-specifics, no-evidence BS that NBC, among many other media organizations, is using to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life.  See if you find any equivalency.

This, I assure you will not be the last “Media’s Sexual Glass House” blog.    Watch for more.

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