As you know, in the last few days a number of “bombs” were sent to key Democrats and to media targeted by President Trump.

I put the word “bombs” in quotation marks because it is clear that every one of them was packaged to be immediately spotted, and none of them were set to detonate.  Therefore, common sense tells me the most likely purpose of sending them was not to hurt anyone, it was a “here you are, media, have a ball” setup.

And are media ever having that ball.  CNN, MSNBC and every major network have run stories – numbers of them – either questioning why President Trump does not take responsibility for the bombs, or overtly demanding that he do so.

The fact that they still do not know the source of the bombs, whether they truly were sent to hurt anyone (which would make this the most inept bombing attempt in recorded history) or a setup so that President Trump could be blamed for them?  No problem at all.  It’s open season on Trump & Co.  Go get ’em.

Since when is it “journalism” to do this?  Since when has the Queen of Hearts’ demand of “Sentence first – verdict afterwards” become media’s guiding credo?

The answer: it all depends:  are we talking about Republicans or Democrats?  And if we’re talking about Donald Trump in particular, forget journalism, this is our big chance.

I have a question for these “journalists”:  what if it is found that the sender was a deranged lone-wolf lunatic with no apparent political motive?  Or, even worse, a left-wing individual or group, trying to get media to attack President Trump as some kind of modern-day George Metesky wannabe?   What will you say then?  “Whoops, sorry about that?”

Ironically, though I have not seen polling yet, I have a strong feeling in my not-inconsiderable gut that the public is not buying what media are selling.  That a great many of them smell a rat here as much as I do.

Come to think of it, why have there not been polls already?  Where are the “overnight” polls assuring us that the country knows what havoc Trump is wreaking?  Is it possible one or two such polls have already been taken…and the results suppressed?  Would you be surprised if that were the case?

Let me end with my standard reminder – one I append to every blog about these bombs:  we still DO NOT KNOW WHO SENT THEM.  And, unless/until there is more information, all any of us can do is speculate.

It would be nice if our mainstream media tried to remember that.


  • NYC Radio Station WOR – 710 just announced (11 am) a suspect has been taken into Federal custody for the bombings.

    Expect to hear the reason none of the 12 “bombs” actually exploded:
    None of the Democrat Targets (well, adressees) are worth the gunpowder to blow them to Hell.

  • What will you say then? “Whoops, sorry about that?”

    They won’t have to say anything. Being the custodians of information that most people see they will just go on to the next ‘Gotcha’ story. I say ‘story’ because the media no longer report.

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