The Washington Examiner has just published an editorial on bias in what currently passes for our mainstream media, that every citizen should read.  Twice.

Here is part of it – but you have to promise you’ll use this link to read the rest as well, OK?  Good:

If you tried to keep abreast of the news this weekend by reading the New York Times, watching ABC News, or following well-regarded veteran reporters on Twitter, you would have been led astray as badly as if you had followed a couple of guys working out of a coffee shop in Moldova.

Relying on the supposedly respectable news media would have left you believing that the FBI found President Trump urging national security adviser Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the campaign (it didn’t), that Trump national security aide K.T. McFarland wrote that Russia threw the election to Trump (she didn’t), and that Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, blasted sick, poor children as slackers (he didn’t).

These false or misleading stories, all of which, not coincidentally, disparaged Republicans, were parroted and retweeted and broadcast by countless reporters before being completely debunked. Countless readers and viewers still don’t realize that the stories produced by this sloppy reporting are false. Or “fake,” to borrow a phrase.

The costlier result is that no adult who cares for accuracy and honesty can take reports from these august outlets at face value without serous fact-checking.

Professional skepticism was absent. News media misreported stories in one direction, much as when all the mistakes in a cheat’s tax return, oddly, tend to reduce what he owes. In other words, every major “mistake” in the weekend’s reporting tended to confirm what biased, left-liberal reporters already believe or affect to believe: Trump and Russia colluded to cheat voters out of getting the president they wanted, McFarland is incompetent, and Republican senators hate the poor.

These biases and the inability of reporters to suppress them long enough to do a good job, prompts proper public doubt about everything the national news media say. This is bad. It’s very bad.

Media bias.  Blatant, barely hidden (when it is hidden at all) media bias.  I blog about it almost every day.

It’s nice to see another editorial (this isn’t the first) laying it out so well….and I look forward to more just like it.

The public needs to know how biased the “news” coverage they are fed actually is.

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  • Is party line in Chișinău (capital of Moldova).

    Only good party members hand out coffee, latte and propaganda in StarBuckSki.

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