Yesterday the Dow industrial average hit a new all-time high. The S&P and NASDAQ averages are also at all time highs, while unemployment continues to sit at half century lows in general and all-time lows for Blacks and Latinos.

The amount of time spent on this exceptionally good economic news by CBS, NBC and ABC last night?

According to Bill D’Agostino’s article at, the answer is…zero.

Not one of them said a word about it.

If you rely on any of these three venues for your news, you have no idea it ever happened.

Media bias?  Naaahhh

Later today or tomorrow I’ll give you my thoughts on how President Trump can use both the economic news and its burial by both Democrats and media to his advantage.

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  • It could be worse, they could report that unemployment is at an all time high and the stock market has crashed.
    Then report how Trump was caught and admitted to molesting children and rabbits.

    Let me be the first to say, Donald Trump did not commit suicide.

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