There are many reasons I can cite for the title of this blog.  But I think maxine waters’ exhortations, today, screamed at a crowd of, based on their reaction to her words, fellow haters, is more than self-explanatory.

Here is the video.  Watch and listen for yourself as this unhinged nutcake – who does NOTHING for the district she represents (check and see its condition the day she took office vs. it’s current condition), screams out insults and overt threats against the President of the United States and members of his administration:

Will waters pay for this personally?  Of course not.  She is in the safest of safe districts, and could not lose an election there if she tried.

But will her lunacy – with never a word of criticism from Democrat leadership, which means they are OK with her words – turn off enough independents and sane Democrats (yes, there are still plenty left) to change the outcome of a few competitive races?

How ironic would it be if this raving loser was responsible for Republicans retaining the House of Representatives?

Let me end with a question – one I asked earlier today, but which has added meaning after hearing waters’ asylum-worthy rant.  It is directed to the media which were telling us, just months ago how dangerous President Trump was making it for journalists by calling them purveyors of”fake news”, because maybe some deranged person would decide to take matters into his/her own hands.

When do you decisively condemn maxine waters, who has spent over a year leaving Mr. Trump’s comments in the dust, and now is specifically encouraging physical confrontations against him and his cabinet?  How dangerous is she making it for them?

I’ll wait for a response, certain in the expectation that none will be coming.


  • I had to shut it off after 1 minute. I couldn’t stand it, is she deranged? an idiot? a liar? all 3? In that first minute everything she said was wrong. Anyone who pays attention to politics knows that what she is saying isn’t true, by the reaction of the crowd it is apparent they don’t. I wonder how they got so many people, although the camera angle may have been deceptive, her last event only had 4 people show up for it.

    • The article I pulled this video from said there were ”hundreds”. I have no idea if that is accurate. But she was speaking at a toy drive, not a political rally. So it’s pretty safe to say that the people were there to give toys, not hear her ravings. The fact that there was so much cheering is, in all likelihood, because the drive was held somewhere in her district – which would elect and re-elect her no matter what she said.

  • I love this CHIMP, She is one of the main reasons the Republicans will make enormous strides in the min-term elections. So between pulling ticks off the back of fellow chimps, the more she opens her cesspool of a mouth the better and better the Republicans will make out in November.
    Keep talking you moron.

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