Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) is curious – very curious – about Cambridge Analytics and its use of Facebook while working for the 2016 Trump campaign.

Here is how he put it yesterday morning while being interviewed by CBS’s Margaret Brennan:\

“We have to get our arms around this, and I think Mr. Zuckerberg needs to come and testify before Congress, not just put an advertisement in a newspaper. He said he would if he was the right guy. He is the right guy.  He needs to come testify before Congress and explain how they’re going to work with us to both protect privacy… and how we’re going to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”“

“The big question is, Cambridge Analytica, who bragged about how much they helped the Trump campaign micro target – were they just helping the Trump campaign or were they utilizing some of the Russian misinformation and disinformation. There are legitimate questions that need to be answered.”

Very salient points, Senator Warner.

And, I’m sure, you’ll be every bit as interested in what the same Mark Zuckerberg and did for the 2012 Obama campaign.  Especially given the fact that it appears Zuckerberg and his facebook company were much more heavily involved then than they were during Donald Trump’s campai….

…uh, wait a minute.  I just noticed that you haven’t said a word about facebook’s involvement in President Obama winning re-election.

But how can that be?  If the issue is facebook’s breach of user privacy, its involvement in both campaigns is identical.  Therefore, if it resulted in an unfair result in 2016, it did exactly the same in 2012, right?  You’d be just as curious about 2012 as 2016, for the same reasons, wouldn’t you?

Hmm, another funny thing about this:  thinking back to the 2012 campaign, I remember a lot of commentary about how Mr. Obama and his campaign utilized such information at that time.  But I don’t remember anything negative about it, only how brilliant and ahead-of-the curve they were.

That couldn’t be media bias, could it?

Naahhh.  Must be my early-stage amnesia.

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