Do you enjoy shows of feigned aggrievement?

Then you probably were thrilled with CNN dumping its long-time contributor, marc lamont hill, for his latest Israel-hating diatribe; the one he made last week during a speech at the United Nations.

It would have been one thing if CNN were unaware of hill’s hatred of Israel, along with his admiration for racist/anti-Semite louis farrakhan, until that speech was made.  But CNN , of course, has known who and what marc lamont hill is for a long time.  It only dumped him now because – uncharacteristically – mainstream media made hill’s comments very public.  So, this time, the network was shamed into doing something about it.

And now, Temple University – where hill is Steve Charles Professor of Media, Cities, and Solutions (his second go-around at Temple) is attacking him too….like CNN, pretending it did not know who and what he was until now.

From Craig R. McCoy’s article for the Phildelphia Inquirer:

The chairman of Temple University’s board came out firing Friday against professor Marc Lamont Hill for a speech he made at the United Nations this week criticizing Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.

Patrick O’Connor called Hill’s remarks, which cost him his position as a commentator on CNN,  “lamentable” and “disgusting.”

“It should be made clear that no one at Temple is happy with his comments,” said O’Connor, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer. “Free speech is one thing. Hate speech is entirely different.”

A pont of order for reporter McCoy and Chairman O’Connor:  if all hill did was criticize Israel, it wouldn’t have been hate speech, it would have been criticism.

The problem was a) hill’s overt suggestion that Israel should be obliterated (he knew damn well what “free Palestine from the river to the sea” meant) and b) that media, this time, let the public in on it.

It should be noted that marc lamont hill denies this, calling the charges “absurd”.  His defense is that, in the same speech, he also talked about the continuance of the state of Israel.

But that, like much of what hill pumps out, was a sham, since his idea of “continuance” was that Israel go back to its virtually indefensible 1967 borders (i. e. the war Israel won against four attacking Arab armies should be declared a do-over) and that Palestinian Arabs, via a phony-baloney “right of return” scam, should become the majority population – which would obliterate Israel just as surely.

Look, I have no regard for marc lamont hill.  I think he’s a fast-talking loudmouth with a reprehensible agenda.  But if his hatred of Israel and embrace of anti-Semitic “leaders” were a reason to dump him at CNN and put him in obvious jeopardy at Temple University, it should have happened a long time ago.

The fact that it only has happened because, this one time, media shone a light on his hatred, says as much about the people who have kept him in business as it does about him.

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