Is there something wrong – very wrong – with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer?

First this genius banned the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients, except in very limited circumstances – thus denying almost every sufferer in her state a fully tested, completely safe, inexpensive treatment that many people have found to be effective – even life saving.

Then, less than a week later, she reversed field and was literally begging for the stuff.

And now?  Whitmer, with an order reminiscent of Mao’s China (maybe today’s as well) is demanding that no one go anywhere to see anyone.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Read this excerpt from Paul Egan and Kathleen Gray’s article in the Detroit Free Press:

Until now, travel between two Michigan residences has been permitted.

Beginning Saturday morning, that will end, except for purposes such as caring for a relative, an elderly friend, or a pet, visiting a nursing home or similar facility, attending a funeral with no more than 10 people, or complying with a court order related to child custody.

“All public and private gatherings of any size are prohibited,” Whitmer said at a news conference. “People can still leave the house for outdoor activities,” and outdoor “recreational activities are still permitted as long as they’re taking place outside of six feet from anyone else.”

Is Gretchen Whitmer out of her mind?  If your children live next door, you’re prohibited from going to see them?  Or your friend down the block?  Or virtually anyone else virtually anywhere else?

I wonder how many day it will take for her to reverse this police-state idiocy, the way she reversed her ban on hydroxychloroquine.

Oh, did I mention that Joe Biden is considering Gretchen Whitmer as his possible Vice Presidential pick?

Words fail me.

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