What a great “victory” this weekend for Venezuela’s nicolas maduro.

Using the troops still loyal to him (I wonder how many no longer are) maduro was triumphant in preventing his starving people from getting humanitarian aid.

From Roberta Rampton’s article at Reuters:

On Saturday, troops loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blocked convoys of U.S. humanitarian aid from crossing from Colombia to Venezuela, using teargas and rubber bullets and killing two protesters.

The violence could lead the United States to impose new sanctions as early as Monday to cut off the Maduro’s government access to revenues.

Pence is traveling to the Colombian capital Bogota to meet with the Lima Group of regional leaders who recognize Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela after Maduro held elections last year which were dismissed as fraudulent.

A senior U.S. official told reporters on Friday that Pence would be prepared to announce new sanctions at the meeting if the aid was turned back, – adding to pressure from sanctions on state-owned oil company PDVSA.

What a great day for nicolas maduro!!  The people of Venezuela, desparate for food, medicine and basic goods remain just as desperate.  Maybe he’ll have a statue of himself erected to commemorate it.

The United States, and about 50 other countries, no longer recognize this destructor of once-prosperous democracy, who seems determined to finish the job his mentor, hugo chavez, started: i.e. turning Venezuela into a destitute, helpless blot on the world stage.

I keep hoping that I will wake up one morning and find he has either fled to a country that likes what he is doing (maybe he can move in with joanne chesimard/assata shakur in Cuba), or has been taken care of one way or another internally.

So far it has not happened.  But the day it does will be a great day for the remnants of Venezuela.

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