Everybody knows that global warming (or, if it turns cold, global climate change) is a man-made phenomenon that will cause the planet’s destruction in just a few short years…just like it did after Al Gore predicted it a decade ago…or something.

That means, if you don’t promise to do something about this, you must be a neanderthal.

And French President Emmanuel Macron certainly would not want to be characterized as a neanderthal did something about it.  He raised fuel taxes to the point where a gallon of gas cost in the rarefied neighborhood of $7.

But there was a problem.  The French people who paid for that fuel went ballistic.  There were riots.  There were fires.  There was significant destruction of property – in the most visible places, where media would have no choice but to cover it.

So what did Emmanuel Macron do?  Well, he slunk back to neanderthalhood, that’s what.

Excerpted from Simon Carroud and Luke Baker’s article in:

France’s prime minister on Tuesday suspended planned increases to fuel taxes for six months in response to weeks of sometimes violent protests, the first major U-turn by President Emmanuel Macron’s administration after 18 months in office.

In announcing the decision, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said anyone would have “to be deaf or blind” not to see or hear the anger on the streets over a policy that Macron has defended as critical to combating climate change.

As well as a six-month delay in introducing the carbon-tax increases, Philippe said the period would be used to discuss other measures to help the working poor who rely on vehicles to get to work and go to the shops.

Earlier officials had hinted at possible increases to the minimum wage, but Philippe did not make any such commitment.

He warned citizens, however, that they could not expect better public services and to pay lower taxes, and that therefore compromises needed to be made on both sides.

Well, there you go.  Macron is now a facilitator of the destruction of planet earth.

And if he thinks that raising the minimum wage will solve anything, I strongly suggest he look at Seattle, Washington as a model – where higher wages resulted in fewer hours of work and business closings.

On the other hand, here’s an idea Macron might consider:  going a little lighter on the welfare-state programs that brought the country to this economic impasse…and accepting fewer “refugees” who, for the most part, neither contribute to the economy nor try to assimilate into French society.

Hey, who knows?  Those ideas are so crazy they just might work.

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  • First they say it is a green tax but then go on to say “not to expect better public services” Which is it?

    The global warming scam and tv shows.
    I watch a show called Alaska the last frontier, 8 years so far and they have winters that are early, late, colder, warmer, more snow, less snow and every year they blame it on global warming. I am so sick of being propagandized to, have you seen the show Mars? It is even worse. They have been doing this since the 1970’s with different “policies”.

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