Have you noticed that our wonderful “neutral” media suddenly dropped its assault on President Trump for using the term “lynching?

The reason, pretty obviously, is that information came out about how many Democrats have used the exact same term over recent years, and the fact that, when they did, nobody had a problem with it.

Earlier this week I put up a number of those Democrats, with the note that I had little doubt there were more.

Well, there are.

Click here to find 10 of them – some of which Iv’e identified and some of which are additions – from Tyler O’Neil’s article at

But make no mistake:  this is a “mission accomplished” situation.

Democrats and their media accomplices got all the negativity out on Trump in the first day or two.  And now, since the fact that this was a completely bogus attack which, recent history shows, would never have been made if it were an 11th Democrat came out, these same media lapdogs have fallen back into a holding pattern, waiting for the next similar opportunity.

Then they wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them?


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