Apropos of nothing political…

The two soap operas I remember my mother faithfully watching when I was in elementary school, were Search For Tomorrow, which ran for 36 years (1951-1986) and As the World Turns, which ran for 55 years (1956-2010).

Pretty impressive, no? ¬†Well that’s only part of the story. ¬†‘

If you really want to measure the longevity of soap operas, here is a sampling of the ones still airing, and how long they’ve been around:

-The Bold and the Beautiful is in its 30th season

-The Young and The Restless is in it’s 45th season

-Days of our Lives is in its 52nd season

-General Hospital is in its 54th season

If my mother were still here, and in her living room with the TV on, I’m pretty sure she would be able to tell you what was happening on just about all of them.

How I wish she was.

Anyway, now we go back to politics – which, like a soap opera, goes on forever with almost no happy endings.


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