In case anyone still wonders whether the social media giants, like facebook, google, twitter, etc. are not owned and operated by left wing ideologues…

…we have this, excerpted from Steven Sorace’s article at foxnews.com:

Social media giant Twitter is being sued by a Canadian blogger who says she was permanently banned from the platform last year for her tweets about transgender people, a lawsuit said Monday.

Meghan Murphy, the founder of the blog Feminist Current, was locked out of her account last year when the company asked her to delete a tweet that said, “Men aren’t women,” CNET reported, citing the lawsuit. A second tweet said, “How are transwomen not men?” according to the suit.

She had violated the social media site’s rules against hateful conduct when she referenced a transgender woman as “him,” resulting in her ban, the Mercury News reported.

In other words, in the wonderful world of twitter, it is hateful conduct to state your opinion that if someone has a penis he is a male.  That must be suppressed.

This is supposed to be a “neutral” website?

You’re kidding, right?

Remember when they broke up AT&T (the phone company, aka “Ma Bell”), because it had too much power?

Time to think about doing the same for these one-side-of-the-aisle enterprises, which now wield far more power and influence than AT&T ever had.

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  • soc-media found out in 2016 that if they leave the playing field level Republicans win. 2018 proved if they tilt it to the left Dems win.

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