Not content with running Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Neilsen out of a Mexican restaurant, the looney-tune left is now attacking her outside her home.

From Jessica Chasmar’s article for the Washington Times:

A group of protesters gathered outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Virginia townhouse Friday morning, chanting “no justice, no sleep” and blaring audio of immigrant children crying.

About two dozen protesters with the progressive group CREDO Action chanted with megaphones, waved signs that read “child snatcher” and played the ProPublica audio clip of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border, HuffPost reported.

Ms. Nielsen was forced to walk by protesters shouting “Shame!” when she left her house, according to video posted on social media. One man shouted, “You belong in the Hague!” and, “You’re a modern-day Nazi!” as Ms. Nielsen entered her vehicle and left.

Now there’s an intelligent bunch.

I wonder how Ms. Neilsen’s neighbors, subjected to the same childishness, felt about those megaphones and the chanting.

Did they also send a contingent to Barack Obama’s home, given that it was Obama who spent years enforcing the same laws in the same way – and bragging about how many deportations he was responsible for?  I think not.

Left wing “civility”, in all its glory, from a group of the POPPA (Professionally Oppressed, Perpetually Pissed Off) set.  I’ll bet they thought they accomplished something besides alienating pretty much everyone other than their hardline pals.

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