So there’s james comey, at a Barnes & Noble event/book signing, in front of a sympathetic crowd who came to hear him.

And there’s Laura Loomer – a “conservative journalist” (I’ve never heard of her), who suddenly called out a series of uncomfortable questions – which media should have been asking comey for months – and also about the criminal referral that just came down.  For this, Ms. Loomis was roundly booed by the sympathetic crowd and tossed out of the event.

Here is the video.

So-called pundits all over the media, both right and left, have been commenting that this book, and Comey’s big mouth when talking about it, are huge mistakes for him.

I don’t always agree with such “pundits”.  But on this one, they’re dead-on.

comey, for all his aw-shucks demeanor and self-righteousness, appears to have committed a series of crimes – felonious ones – which include lying under oath and improperly leaking material.  And now he’s out there bragging about it, essentially to sell books.

Does anyone remember that Monty Python visual, of the big foot that crushes everything at the end of a skit?

Keep talking, james.  And,as you do, get ready.  Because big-foot may be coming out of retirement, just for you.

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  • He will never be convicted by a jury.
    The odds of assembling a jury without a single Trump hater would have to be at least 990,000,000 – 1.

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