From the “it doesn’t get sillier than this” file:

Laura Ingraham, who hosts “The Angle”,  on Fox News Channel, tweeted, in less than congratulatory terms, that media-anointed superhero David Hogg was rejected by four California colleges he applied to.

How did Ms. Ingraham know this?  Hogg had publicly told everyone about it, that’s how.

But when you’re a media-anointed superhero, that doesn’t count.  So Hogg demanded to know who advertised on Ingraham’s TV show, then put out a list – presumably to advise his followers to boycott them.

Was it fair game for Laura Ingraham have tweeted about his college rejections?  Sure it was.  HE told us about those rejections.

It’s not like Hogg wanted it kept secret, it’s that he wanted people to sympathize with him.  And when Ms. Ingraham didn’t, he became miffed.

Let me end with a note to David Hogg:  don’t expect your list of advertisers to take The Angle down.  The march is over so the left doesn’t need you anymore, therefore your value to them, and their media sycophants, has dropped through a trap door.  They have more important things to do than indulge your bruised sensibilities over college rejections.

But, if you want a ray of hope, it’s not out of the question that there will be student protests at a couple of the schools which rejected you, giving them a chance to reconsider.  It is, after all, California.

Have a nice day.

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UPDATE:  Much to my surprise – and disgust – a number of advertisers pulled out of Laura Ingraham’s show, and she wound up sort of apologizing for her comment.

With his typical level of matuity and class, david hogg did not accept her apology.

Unfortunately, I was wrong about how much pull he still has – though I remain certain the clock is ticking on it.

I hope I’m right about this.

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