Yesterday, Joe Biden held a “rally” in Florida among primarily Latino voters.  From the sound of the “crowd” reaction, there might have been 30 or 35 people there.

But this is the alleged picture of that Biden rally CBS News put up:

Pretty impressive crowd!  Good for Joe Biden…

…but wait.  What’s that young lady – second row, right side, with the “I (love) Trump hat – doing there?  Does that make any sense?

No, of course it doesn’t.

Because – with a tip of my imaginary hat to Cristina Laila at, – the picture CBS News used; the one that showed a large, cheering crowd, was not of the Biden rally.  It was of a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Was this just an accident?  An unintentional mistake?


But have you noticed that these kinds of accidents/unintentional mistakes almost always seem to benefit Biden instead of Trump?

Why do you suppose?

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