What is going on in the UK’s Labour Party?

If you’re a Jew, the answer is “Nothing good”.

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An horrific children’s play in which a seven-year-old Palestinian girl “stabbed Jews” took place at a recent event partly funded by Interpal, a UK charity supported by Labour party head Jeremy Corbyn and MPs of his party, reports the UK Daily Mail on Thursday.

Footage of the play, in which the girl pretends to stab two boys dressed as IDF soldiers who “shoot” her before a boy in a mask “shoots” them back with a toy semi-automatic weapon, was aired last week on Hamas TV.

The Interpal logo is clearly visible on a banner in the background of the play, which took place as part of the “Palestine Festival for Children and Education” in Gaza, partially funded by Interpal.

The Daily Mail revealed that Interpal donated a full 6,800 British Pounds (just under $10,000) to the festival, which was organized by the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza City.

Interpal is banned in the US and Israel as a terrorist organization because of its active funding of Hamas. However, the UK-based group is still allowed to operate freely in Britain.

In response to the revelation on Interpal’s role in the terror inciting festival, the UK Charity Commission said it was investigating the incident “as a matter of priority,” before deciding on regulatory actions.

The revelation comes even as Corbyn’s Labour party is embroiled deeper than ever in scandal over anti-Semitic outbursts by its members.

Just on Thursday former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended by the party, after he backed a Labor MP who was herself suspended for calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. In his comments, Livingstone said that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler “supported Zionism.”

Corbyn’s office declined to comment on the matter of the Interpal event on Wednesday night. He has spoken at numerous Interpal fundraisers, and he and his wife took a tour of Gaza in 2013 funded by Interpal.

That’s quite a party you’re running there, Jeremy.  I’m sure you’re as proud as punch over it.

So how much are you and your  cohorts contributing to interpal this year?  Enough to fund a few more events like this one?

Now you’ll have to excuse me.  After reading this article, I need to take a shower.

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