I grant you that it is nothing unusual for The Today Show to do a hit piece on President Trump.  It happens all the time.

But, in this morning’s episode, NBC White House Correspondent Kristen Welker truly outdid herself.

– First, Ms. Welker showed a video of an NBC reporter ambushing robert mueller as he tried to get into his car after attending Easter Services (I’ve already written about this in a previous blog), and characterized his reaction to the attempted ambush-interview as “declining to answer question from NBC News”… instead of what it really was:  mueller brushing off an amazingly rude, intrusive attempt to corner him at the wrong time.

-Then she put up a quick snippet of Rudy Giuliani, from yesterday’s Meet The Press show, saying that the acceptability of using information someone stole “depends on the information” – the suggestion being that he was okay with nefarious purloining of illicit material.

The fact that Giuliani was not referencing material stolen by the Trump campaign, but material acquired and made public by Wikileaks – thus not at all secret and available for everyone to see?  Omitted,  of course.

This is the video.  Its “stolen material” segment starts at about 2:20.  See/hear for yourself (then be sure to watch the entire interview,  in which Giuliani takes Todd apart and puts him back together again).

-After that, Ms. Welker put up a tweet from President Trump which accused Democrats of obstruction, and stated – not in the context of editorial opinion but as settled fact – that it was “an allegation he’s repeated frequently, without any evidence”.

In point of fact, I have heard Trump and his people offer the evidence Ms. Welker definitively states he has not offered, numbers of times over the past two years.

She may or may not find it convincing, but her claim that it doesn’t exist is either amazingly ignorant or overtly untruthful.

Here is the video of Ms. Welker’s report – which, as icing on the cake, conveniently eliminates the last part, during which she identifies Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) as an “establishment Republican” (I assume that was an inadvertent error but, given the quality of the rest of the report, who knows for sure).

President Trump calls material like this “fake news”.  Polls show that more and more people agree with him.

Not much doubt about why….

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