Amy Klobuchar – the senior U.S. Senator from Minnesota and Democrat presidential hopeful – is unhappy.

She is unhappy because, so far, her attempts to make inroads among Democrat primary voters have failed (polls put her in about the 2% range).

And she is especially unhappy because Peter Buttigieg, whose political experience is as the not-especially-successful Mayor of a small city (South Bend, Indiana), while not setting any popularity records either, is polling a good deal higher than she is.

Does Ms. Klobuchar have a good reason for feeling as she does?

Read these excerpts from Christina Zhao’s article at newsweek.com, and decide for yourself:

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Klobuchar, who’s on her third term in the Senate, said that all 2020 Democratic candidates are more qualified than Republican President Donald Trump for office, before then doubling down on her attack on Buttigieg by arguing that he would not have had made the debate stage if he were a woman.

“The last point I made in that article was that, of the women on the stage, I’m focusing here on my fellow women senators, Sens. Harris and Warren and myself, do I think we would be standing on that stage if we had the experience that he had? No, I don’t,” Klobuchar said. “Maybe we’re held to a different standard.”

Klobuchar on Sunday went on to tell CNN host Jake Tapper that she is more qualified than Buttigieg because unlike him, she has “actually won in a statewide race.”

“I’m the one from the Midwest that’s actually won in a statewide race over and over again,” she said. “Those are the kind of voters I’ve won and that’s not true of Mayor Pete.”

Interesting point of view.

There is little doubt that Amy Klobuchar has an impressive background.  Before winning her senate race (she is now serving her third term), Ms. Klobuchar was a lawyer, a prosecutor, partner in a law firm, Hennepin County Attorney and President of the Minnesota County Attorneys Association.

So why, in the presidential nomination race, is she mired in Nothingandnowheresville?

Well, part of it is that she is not anywhere near as well-funded as some of the other candidates.  But if funding were the only issue, Billionaire Tom Steyer would be the runaway favorite right now, and barely anyone is supporting him.

Another part might be that stories have come out that, while she is pleasant and presents herself well in public, Klobuchar is absolute hell on wheels in private.

I suppose that could be a reason, but I hope it isn’t.  What I have said for years about President Trump goes just as much for Senator Klobuchar:  this is not a congeniality contest.  I would take an ill-tempered but competent politician over a nice, but not so competent politician 100 times out of 100.

And, despite her point about women, the fact that, in 2016 (yes, the primary process was fixed, but nonetheless), Hillary Clinton was the Democrat candidate and Elizabeth Warren is either #1 or #2 in every poll I’ve seen, suggests that her plumbing is not a deal-breaker.

Personally, I think there are two major impediments most responsible for Amy Klobuchar’s lack of success (so far) in her run for the nomination:

-One is that, relative to most of the others candidates, she is a political moderate.  Our mainstream media, most of which (in step with their Democrat Party masters) have lurched significantly leftward in recent years, far prefer the socialist policies of Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to hers.

-The other is that another “moderate”, Joe Biden, has been a 6 term Senator and two term Vice President.  As such, he owns built-in media attention that Ms. Klobuchar can only dream about.

That’s too bad for her.  And too bad for Democrats

Look, I can’t say I’m in love with Amy Klobuchar’s record as a senator (though I am highly impressed with the amount of legislation she has been able to move along).  She ain’t as moderate as she’s made out to be.  But compared to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, she is a breath of fresh air.  And, unlike Joe Biden, she can get through two sentences without making her own supporters cringe.

Bottom line:  with her record, and the kind of media coverage a major-party presidential candidate gets instead of the next-to-nothing coverage she’s been given, I think Amy Klobuchar could provide a viable choice next year, and give President Trump a real run for the presidency.

To bed for her it’s a virtual certainty she won’t be the candidate.

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  • This Democrat Primary is showing the country that the Democrats are Homophobic, Racist and Misogynistic.

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