You don’t need much from me on this one.  Just follow the exchange between CNN’s Jake Tapper and opportunistic flyweight/Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, which I pulled from Tim Graham’s article at, and it will become clear:

TAPPER: All right. You have said Trump’s immigration positions are racist. That’s the word you used, racist. Now, as you know, you were more conservative early on in your career on immigration. CNN’s KFILE [Andrew Kaczynski] is out with a new report this week on your 2008 campaign Web site and a mailer sent from your congressional office back then, a long time ago, but still in your — in your public life.

Take a look. You said you were a — quote — “firm opponent” of government — quote — “amnesty to illegal aliens” — unquote. You said English should be — quote — “the official language of the United States.” You called for expediting deportation of undocumented immigrants. [Horrors!] I know you have very different positions today.


TAPPER: But, let me ask you, if Trump’s immigration positions are racist, were they racist when you held some of those positions as well?

GILLIBRAND: They certainly weren’t empathetic, and they weren’t kind, and I did not think about suffering in other people’s lives. 

Translation:  I used to be in favor of deporting them all, and now – because my party has moved significantly to the left, I have changed my tune and call my exact position at that time racist.  But that doesn’t make me a racist, you see, it just means I certainly wasn’t empathetic.

No, Kirsten, if it was racist then it’s racist now.  And if it isn’t racist now, it wasn’t then.

And you are a flyweight opportunistic hypocrite, who thinks Democrat primary voters will be impressed by your magical mystery tour to the left.

Trust me; they won’t be.

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