kim campbell, the former (interim) Prime Minister of Canada and, currently, serving the Justin Trudeau administration and in charge of Supreme Court appointments…

…has “apologized” for her disgusting tweet, two days ago, that she hoped Hurricane Dorian would make a direct hit on Mar-A-Lago:

“I have deleted my tweet about the hurricane and Mar a Lago and sincerely apologize to all it offended. It was intended as sarcasm — not a serious wish of harm. Throwaway lines get a life of their own on Twitter. I shd (should) know better.”

I don’t speak for President Trump but, if it were me, I would not accept that apology.  I would expect Prime Minister Trudeau to fire her – which should have been done already.

Why do I feel this way?

Well, here is campbell’s initial tweet:

“I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!” 

And then, after campbell was immediately attacked for it, here is what she said afterwards – as reported in Yaron Steinbuch’s article for the New York Post:

“As there are in Puerto Rico- sorry you don’t get snark- but Trump’s indifference to suffering is intolerable!” she said to a critic who pointed out “real people” live and work in and around Mar-a-Lago.

“We’d also help if he tackled climate change which is making hurricanes more destructive! Instead, he will remove limits on methane! Get a grip!”

In other words, she doesn’t like Trump’s climate change policy so it’s OK to post a rooting interest in the destruction of his Mar-A-Lago property (along with the attendant loss of life and every surviving employee being put out of work, of course).

Suppose Trump tweeted that he was rooting for Dorian to move to sea, run straight up the coast, then veer inland into Canada and hit the house her family lives in.  Do you think she’d find that just an acceptable bit of “snark” too?

So now, after the initial tweet and the stupid, insulting admonishment for her critics to “get a grip”, she’s sorry? That’s supposed to smooth things over?

Not even close.

Every day kim campbell remains in the Trudeau administration is a direct affront – not just to the President, but to the United States.

You’d think – or at least hope – her boss,  Prime Minister Trudeau, would understand this and act accordingly.

But, sad to say, as of now that assessment would be wrong.

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  • She should try smoothing this over by calling our President a Mother F’er, AGAIN [for those that know she has already done so in the past]

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