Kevin Tsujihara is – uh, was – the Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

But now he’s gone.  And for the same reason so many other Hollywood bigs have disappeared:  providing favors for sex.

According to Tatiana Siegel and Kim Masters’ March 6th article for Hollywood Reporter, Tsujihara was introduced by James Packer, a partner with Bruce Ratner in RatPac Entertainment,  to an aspiring actress named Charlotte Kirk – who apparently had no problem playing the sex game to get into movies.  And she found a willing partner in Tsujihara, whose sexual gamboling with Kirk resulted in him pushing for her to get movie roles.

One key excerpt:

 …the relationship devolved into a protracted and increasingly desperate struggle among Tsujihara, Ratner and Packer to manage Kirk’s urgent demands to be cast in movies and TV series. At one point, Ratner accused Kirk of attempted “extortion.”

In other words, this is another of the seemingly countless examples of sex being provided to a willing participant, in return for payment received – in this case, the possibility of a movie career -and the dirty doings that followed.

Assuming the article has things right, there are no victims here.  Every participant knew what the game was and every participant willingly played.

The reason I am posting the reasons for Kevin Tsujihara’s downfall and the people involved?  To remind you that this is what happens in the entertainment industry – especially the movie and TV industry.  It is the way things are done, has been for a long time, and everyone in the industry knows it — but remains there anyway.

I hope you keep that in mind the next time some actor or producer or director moralizes to us about their social and/or political views, so you can understand what hypocrites they are.

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